Will you pick me up at the airport?
Absolutely.  Wait near baggage claim B.
So how does this work?
We post photos of King Hussein, and you suggest the perfect captions. When we’ve got enough good suggestions, we’ll choose the best caption or put it to a vote, and the winner will be immortalized in the gallery. Spiffy, huh?
Do I win anything?
What if I don’t like the caption that won?
Please feel free to request a refund.
What are your turn-offs?
Socialism, cold toilet seats and karaoke.
Do you have a privacy policy?
Yes, and it’s none of your business.
Where can I find images to caption?
They’re right here. New photos are added daily…ish (more or less).
Do I have to register to submit captions?
Because why?
Because it’s easier to automate certain parts of the site that way.
Do I have to register to vote on the captions?
Do you censor the suggested captions?
Generally no – your name’s on it; you own it – but long-time users will observe that certain themes almost never make it to voting.
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